A mother finds her daughter's bedside prayer journal and shares it - just as Melissa would have wanted!! 

Like letters to a good friend, Melissa describes her daily concerns and joys, focusing consistently on the positive things and people in her life. This book leaves the reader with joy and inspiration to connect with one's own spiritual journey, as well as an understanding of how to help others cope in difficult situations... or even your own.  From the open, intimate sharing of a teen springs wisdom that is ageless.

This book provides:

  • A rare chance to read a young woman’s unveiled prayers.

  • Insights and explanations by Melissa’s Mom highlight the powerful messages in each of Melissa’s entries.

  • An invitation for the reader’s own growth with guidance and 
         opportunity to write your own prayers

Give this book to anyone struggling with faith or life issues and let them learn Melissa’s secret for thriving in spite of difficulties!


80 pp, Hardcover 
ISBN: 978-0-9796511-0-6

Price: $9.95 & Free Shipping (within the continental USA) 
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